OAIstore is a digital repository whose objective is to disseminate all the material, from people or institutions, which has some historical and cultural value, to enhance the wealth of local memory.

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  • Gives an only and permanent url to each document.
  • Provides access to your files from anywhere in the world throughout time.
  • Stores and keeps your content securely and permanently.
  • Allows you to manage and publish your own digital collections.
  • Applies the OAI-PMH protocol, allowing dissemination of the files in the main cultural platforms.


Upload your photos, recordings and old posters. OAIstore allows you to share your publications with confidence and provides easy reading of documents.


Explore our digital repository to find history, heritage, popular culture, literature...


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Deposits can be made up of books, pictures, posters, videos, brochures and any medium you can be digitized.

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