Terms of Service: Duties and Responsibilities


By accessing or use of this website is given to whoever takes the user status, accepting, from that moment and without reservation, these terms and conditions of use, if necessary, supplement, modify or replace the conditions general, for certain services and content.

Use of this website gives you the status of web site user and implies full acceptance without reservation of any and all of the provisions contained in these terms of service, at the same time accessing the website.

The registered user undertakes to use OAIstore, its contents and services in accordance with the law, morality, generally accepted good customs and public order regulations. The registered user undertakes to use OAIstore, its content and services, according to these terms of service under the conditions of certain services and other notices, use regulations and instructions made known to the user. The user agrees to refrain from using OAIstore with illegal purposes, contrary to the provisions in these Rules, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties OAIstore or in any way damage, disable, overburden, or impair or impede OAIstore the normal use or enjoyment of products and services offered.

Registered users will OAIstore, and entitled to participation in the network, people over 16 years of age who have proceeded to complete the registration form accepting these terms. Therefore, the user expressly represent and warrant that you are over 16 years and unequivocally accept liability for this statement and the correct access and use of this website in full compliance with these conditions, current legislation is applicable This Spanish or any other country, good faith, morality, public order or supplemental instruction from OAIstore.

According to the above, you agree that may be required by OAIstore in order to verify your age by providing a photocopy of ID card or equivalent identity document. Failure to respond to the request by the user within the period prompted by OAIstore, the latter given the power to suspend, cancel or permanently delete the user profile and reserves the right rear intake by OAIstore.

User registration

Recruitment, access and use of specific services and applications offered, requires prior registration via the registration form. The evidence of this form will be added to a database of 102 NovaDoc ownership, whose treatment is subject to Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data, and its implementing regulations..

Under current law, the user has right to access, modify, correct and delete data concerning you. You can view or modify your personal details in "Your Account". You can also exercise this right by sending an email to: info@oaistore.es

The user name and password chosen by the user in the registration process are personal and not transferable. In this sense, the user agrees to diligently guard a username and password and take the necessary measures to prevent loss, theft, disclosure to third parties or unauthorized use. The user undertakes to make diligent and appropriate use of your username and password, and are solely responsible for their illegal use or contrary to these general and specific conditions in each case are applicable.

Registration, Password and Profiles

At check in OAIstore you are responsible for providing true and lawful. The registration profile can be "Personal" (Personal Account) or "Organization" (Account Organization). Following this registration, the user will be provided a password that will be responsible, pledging to make diligent and confidential it. You represent and warrant the accuracy of the data provided OAIstore and undertakes to keep them updated at all times. The user is solely responsible for all activities (including misuse) that occur under your account. The use of the personal login and password of a user means always carried his name, the user agrees to notify immediately when OAIstore be aware of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security of the user being aware. For this, send an email to info@oaistore.es, or notify you via the contact form.

Using the website, its services and contents

The user agrees to use the site, its services and contents without infringing current legislation, good faith, generally accepted customs and public order. It is also forbidden to use this website for illegal or harmful NovaDoc 102 and its products or services, or any third party, or which in any way that could damage or impede the normal operation of the websites involved in this statement.

Regarding the content (information, text, graphics, sound files and / or images, photographs, designs, and overall content offered or displayed), is prohibited:

Any attempt to obtain the contents of the website by any means other than those available to users.

User responsibility for damages

The use of this website, will be under the sole responsibility of the user. This responsibility shall extend to the use by the user or any third party for any passwords or similar codes assigned for access or any of its services.

Without limiting the foregoing, 102 NovaDoc, reserves the right to refuse at any time without prior notice, access to users who breach these general conditions or the particular in each case apply.

Unilateral change

102 NovaDoc may unilaterally change without prior notice if deemed appropriate, the structures, designs, etc ... And modify or eliminate services, contents or conditions of access or use.

Disclaimer of warranties and liability

102 NovaDoc makes no warranty or responsible in any circumstances for any damages that may result from:

Participation in OAIstore

Any involvement or creating contended in the different sections of OAIstore must meet the following standards:

The user undertakes to make appropriate use of services offered and character OAIstore but not limited to, refraining for:

Users are solely and exclusively responsible for the content of any kind, especially, texts, videos and photographs that incorporate OAIstore.

The user represent, ensures and confirms:

OAIstore reserves the right not to publish those contents that are contrary to these rules, and remove any posted content that does not conform to them, without notice of any kind. OAIstore reserves the right to cancel the registration and entrance to the community OAIstore to the extent that certain users are repeat such conduct.

Not allowed

The above conditions apply regardless of others, where appropriate, be enforceable.

Delete your account

Users can unsubscribe continuous service through the "Delete my account" located in the "Account> Settings". They may also unsubscribe from email notifications requesting it through the "Contact" located in the footer.

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